Learn how easily you can start to utilize MaintMaster in your organization and see how extremely flexible and powerful MaintMaster's CMMS is.

In this hands-on webinar, we’ll cover these topics:

  • What happens if faults aren’t reported – and how to fix this in MaintMaster. We’ve seen registered jobs increase by 50-200%.
  • How expensive unexpected stops can be and how you can drastically reduce the number of stops with better control using MaintMaster
  • The importance of preventive maintenance and what a focus on this would do for your production once improved
  • How you can simplify the user interface so less technical personnel can easily complete tasks
  • BONUS: How MaintMaster’s IoT Sensors take your maintenance to the next level


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Presenter: Tom Reames

Tom_Reames_250pxHTom Reames has worked in Enterprise Software Sales for nearly 15 years and Maintenance & Asset Management specifically for the last decade. Tom has a particular interest in Industry 4.0 and has experience of this from working in the UK on Innovate UK IoT projects. MaintMaster are a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software) provider headquartered in Sweden who have expanded out with offices in Germany and the UK after success offering the only CMMS solution designed to the EN Maintenance Standard top to bottom – a maintenance standard supported by the British Standards Institute and adhering to PAS55/ISO55000.

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Phone: +44 7493328466

Email: tom.reames@maintmaster.com



This is MaintMaster CMMS


MaintMaster is a leading CMMS provider, providing solutions for more than 500 companies around Europe. It is known for its extremely flexible user interface and built after the EN Maintenance Standard, and it’s the only CMMS that offers pre-integrated IoT sensors out of the box.

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